This section has details about my education, coursework and teaching.


I graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IITK) in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Scientific Computing.

Currently, I am pursuing a Master’s degree in AI at the University of Amsterdam (UvA).


Here is a an overview of my relevant coursework:

AI and ML

Course Institute
Computer Vision 1 & 2 UvA
Machine Learning 1 & 2 UvA
Deep Learning 1 & 2 UvA
Information Retrieval 1 UvA
Fairness, Accountability, Transparency UvA
Interpretability and Explainability UvA
Knowledge Representation and Reasoning UvA
Visual Recognition IITK
Probabilistic Modelling & Inference IITK
Full Stack Deep Learning Online
Multi-view Geometry Online (TUM)
Game Theory and Mechanism Design IITK

Mathematics and Statistics

Course Institute
Linear algebra IITK
Probability and Statistics IITK
Real and Complex analysis IITK
Abstract algebra IITK
Mathematical logic IITK
Numerical analysis and scientific computing IITK
Several variable calculus IITK
Ordinary and Partial differential equations IITK

Computer Science

Course Institute
Data Structures and Algorithms IITK
Theory of Computation IITK
Number Theory IITK
Fundamentals of Computing (C language) IITK


During my undergrad at IITK, I liked teaching to my friends and juniors in an informal setting.

During my master’s degree, I am fortunate to be a TA for Computer Vision 1 and Deep Learning 1 courses at UvA.