Piyush Bagad

I am a first-year DPhil student advised by Prof. Andrew Zisserman at the VGG Lab at the University of Oxford. I am interested in all kinds of video understanding.

Previously, I finished my Master’s in AI at the University of Amsterdam. Along with the coursework, I did research on video understanding at the VISLab advised by Prof. dr. Cees Snoek and Dr. Makarand Tapaswi.

In the past, I’ve been a Research Fellow at Wadhwani AI where I primarily worked on estimating infant anthropometry from a monocular video. During the pandemic, I also worked on using cough as a biomarker to detect presence of CoVID-19.

Before that, I completed my Bachelor’s in Mathematics at IIT Kanpur where I worked with Dr. Piyush Rai and Dr. Swaprava Nath.

Selected publications


Piyush Bagad, Makarand Tapaswi, Cees G. M. Snoek
CVPR 2023
Also presented at Workshop on Understanding Foundation Models at ICLR 2023
Fida Mohammad Thoker, Hazel Doughty, Piyush Bagad, Cees Snoek
ECCV, 2022 (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Piyush Bagad*, Floor Eijkelboom*, Mark Fokkema*, Danilo de Goede*, Paul Hilders*, Miltiadis Kofinas
VIPrior Workshop, ECCV, 2022 (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Piyush Bagad, Subrata Mitra, Sunny Dhamnani, Atanu R Sinha, Raunak Gautam, Haresh Khanna
WSDM Demos, 2021 (Virtual event, Israel)
Work done during Internship at Adobe Research (India) in 2018.

Selected projects

Piyush Bagad*, Paul Hilders*, Jesse Maas*, Danilo de Goede*
Piyush Bagad*, Paul Hilders*, Danilo de Goede*
Best poster award in the Interpretability course at UvA

AI in the real-world

Piyush Bagad, Aman Dalmia, Jigar Doshi, Arsha Nagrani, Parag Bhamare, Amrita Mahale, Saurabh Rane, Neeraj Agarwal, Rahul Panicker
ArXiv, 2021 (Mumbai, India)
Media credits: Wadhwani AI
Piyush Bagad, Aman Dalmia, Makarand Tapaswi, Sansiddh Jain, Aditya A Sarma, Namrata Deka, Jigar Doshi, Parag Bhamare, Amrita Mahale, Rahul Panicker (Not in order)
Unpublished, 2019-2021 (Mumbai, India)
Media credits: Wadhwani AI
Piyush Bagad, Aman Dalmia, Siddharth Singh, Vishal Gupta, Aditya AS, Namrata Deka
Platform: Blender 2.8
Copyrights: Wadhwani AI
Piyush Bagad, Aman Dalmia, Rahul Kumar, Arsh Verma, Rahul Panicker
Underlying Model: SMIL (Nicholas Hesse et. al)
Copyrights: Wadhwani AI

  • Service: Emergency reviewer at ECCV 2022, Reviewer at CVPR 2023
  • Teaching: TA for Deep Learning (DL1) at the University of Amsterdam
  • Invited lecture for the Fairness in AI course at the University of Amsterdam


Mar 5, 2023 A shorted version of our paper got accepted to ME-FoMo Workshop ICLR 2023!
Feb 27, 2023 Our paper on time in video-language models got accepted to CVPR 2023!
Jul 1, 2022 Our paper got accepted to ECCV 2022!
Apr 10, 2022 Our paper recieved the Best Paper Award at MLRC 2021!
Jul 16, 2021 Today is my last day at Wadhwani AI after completing incredible 2 years.